5 Email Practices to Avoid


Gone are the days that you receive a snail mail from the mail man. Today, getting mails is easier and faster with just one click of a hand. We now call it email. Emails are perfect type of correspondence because it is quick in terms of contacting co-workers, family members and loved ones across the world.


Here in Singapore, emails are the way to go when doing transactions of any nature. However, emails are not all roses. Emails have this etiquette and not following it can either annoy or anger the recipients. You probably heard about the basic email etiquettes like replying quickly and putting a particular subject line. It is time to know other email faux pas and learn proper etiquette:

  1. Saying sorry: Starting an email apologizing is faux pas. Do not be sorry to bother anyone. If you already know that you are bothering someone, do not stress it. You are just wasting their precious time reading it. Saying sorry is being polite but you should never be sorry for asking someone to do their job through email or any other circumstance.


  1. Keeping it long: It is good to explain thoroughly but sometimes, you have to consider that not all people use desktops when checking emails. Some people use smartphones and tablets when checking emails and keeping your emails long is kind of bothersome. Keep messages brief but concise. If you cannot do that, at least summarize at the beginning so the recipient can have an idea of what you are talking about. Anyway when the recipient has time, he/she can always go back to the email.


  1. CC everyone: You just want transparency but sometimes you will CC the wrong person and you will end up annoying other people because of the noise in the inbox. This does not mean that you should not CC anyone, just make sure that you CC the right person.


  1. Looking too cute: There is nothing wrong sending emails of fancy fonts and graphics but if you are writing a business email, avoid looking too cute or you will be dubbed as unprofessional. If you cannot help to exaggerate, use small touches that can add to your character but do not overwhelm it.


  1. Not observing proper grammar: Writing email is not as free as writing it by hand and you should observe proper grammar. Capitalize when necessary and do not forget your punctuation. Before you send it, make sure that you reviewed it to avoid errors and resending.