5 Home Furniture Pieces That Are Just a Waste of Money


So, you just moved into your new apartment. Now you’re probably all giddy and excited to decorate the place your way. But before you start browsing on Pinterest or head out to Ikea, find out first what furniture pieces are just wastes of money and you can do without in your new abode.


  1. Mass-Produced Paintings

Many times, people who have just moved buy mass-produced art pieces because they’re anxious to fill in blank walls of their house. However, interior designers say that it’s better to wait to find something you really like that fits the scale of a room. You’d be much happier and contented by buying something that really means to you.

  1. Chair Slipcovers

You might think that slipcovers for dining chairs are convenient because you can just throw them in the laundry when stained. Although it’s true, the upkeep can be challenging as these things are moved around a lot when seated on. And especially with long slipcovers, they often get in the way while mopping the floor and the part that grazes the floor will eventually get dull and dingy.

  1. Trendy Major Furniture

Sure, a neon couch will add visual interest to the living room; and yes, that glittery marble for kitchen countertop is what’s in today. But what if these pieces are no longer on trend? Replacing outdated furniture cost a lot of money and time. Invest on the right furniture that can stand the test of time.

  1. Uniform Fabrics and Patterns

Perhaps you want a uniformed look throughout your room, so you bought the same floral patterns for the curtains, pillow cases, blankets, and sheets. However, this only makes a room look overly tacky. A room’s interior can still look put-together with colourful highlights ad accents. If your bed is already in floral, the curtains or the throw pillow cases can carry one colour from that print.


  1. Wood Floors (If You Have Children and Large Pets)

Wood floors look classic, but it isn’t the best choice if you have children and large pets at home. Children and pets running and playing around can unintentionally cause cleats, gouges, and scratches on your rich plank flooring. Instead of hardwoods, go for natural stones for your home flowing.

Decorating an entire home or even just a room can be costly. However, if you know what furnishings to buy and not to buy, you’ll not only make your home visually appealing, you can also guarantee that you’re spending your money on pieces you know would last for a significant amount of time.