5 Self-Improvement Podcasts Worth Listening To

With the constant connectivity made possible by today’s technology, it’s no wonder that we often feel disconnected from ourselves. And there’s just no better time to re-establish that connection than now by using the powers of technology for good. Here, we’ve rounded up five of the best podcasts that’ll encourage you to think deeply and help you improve yourself for the better.


  1. On Being. In this podcast, you’re given a chance to explore some of the most meaningful questions in life by listening to the interviews of artists, theologians, teachers and scientists. Updated on Thursdays, these hour-long segments are bound to help you discover new things about your existence in this world.


  1. Strangers. Considered as an ‘empathy shot in the arm’, this weekly podcast shares the true stories of the people we meet, how we connect with them, what it feels like to lose them, as well as the power of kindness. Listening to this podcast will surely make think about what kind of person you really are – regardless of how disquieting it’ll be.


  1. Bulletproof Radio. Hosted by Dave Asprey, this podcast is about how you can streamline your life to become the best version of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically. Each week, Asprey shares with you the knowledge of meditation experts, doctors, nutritionists and biochemists that’ll help you find the ‘bulletproof’ state within yourself.


  1. The Daily Boost. In need of a little extra motivation every day? Then this podcast is for you. The Daily Boost works by helping you find the things that make you happy, reduce your stress levels, look for new inspiration and develop certain skills that’ll help you balance your daily life.


  1. Meditation Oasis. Meditating is one of the few activities that you can use to cultivate a sense of mindfulness, and there’s no better podcast to give you your meditation needs than Meditation Oasis. The podcast works by helping their listeners to relax, become more present and find their flow in life. Apart from offering guided meditations, this podcast also shares some good guidelines for people who are practising solo meditation.

Improving one’s self is actually easy, and with the help of the aforementioned podcasts, it just became easier. So start downloading and listening to any of the aforementioned podcasts now and see how effective it can be in helping you improve your life.