6 Tips to Have Sharper Brain and Memory

Want to have a sharper mind and better memory? Then don’t limit yourself to solving Sudoku and crossword puzzles, or training your brain using your mobile apps. Instead, use the following tips to make your brain work better and stay sharper.


  1. Exercise. Exercising is one of the best ways to get your blood flowing throughout your entire body, including your brain. So try doing a 150-minute walk, or a 75-minute aerobic exercise each week to get a better blood flow and help your brain get the nutrients that it needs to stay sharp.


  1. Get a Good Night and Day Rest. A good night’s sleep is what lets your body and brain recharge, so that it can function at its optimal level throughout the day. Naps, on the other hand, help you retain newly absorbed information in your long-term memory. In fact, it was also revealed that taking naps help in improving one’s memory by fivefold.


  1. Eat the Right Brain Food. Another way to help your brain cells regenerate is to eat the right kinds of food. Among these foods are spinach, which aids in increases blood flow to the brain, and pumpkin seeds, a good source of memory-enhancing zinc.


  1. Do Things That Exhausts the Brain. Every time you try learning something new and your brain feels like it wants to take a nap, that’s when you know that you’re doing things that are growing your brain. So try doing activities such as solving math problems to challenge your mind.


  1. Experience New Things. Going out of your comfort zone to learn new things is what will help your brain grow further. Doing this will literally stretch your brain by branching out your dendrites, the neuron projection that receives the information from the nerve cells.


  1. Let Yourself Process Information. Putting the things that you learned in your own words will help you stay mentally active, since you’re letting your brain process the information rather than simply memorizing it. By being mentally active, you’re keeping your brain in a good shape.

Having a sharp mind is important regardless if you’re still a student or a professional. So ensure that you stay mentally active by having enough rest, eating the right foods and continuously challenging your mind.