Something Odd: Ramen Noodle Bath  


Many Singaporeans specifically girls are concerned about having a glowing and beautiful skin. There are many beauty products that we can avail here. We can even ask the professionals to help us. Skin care is expensive and it needs to be maintained for it to have effect.


People are also concerned about their skin in Japan. This is the reason why they have made an odd bath. In Japan, Hakone Yunessun Spa is gaining popularity because of its odd but beneficial bath. They feature vat of ramen noodles and pork soup. The soup is not a dish for guests but it is the bath itself. We will see people bathing and soaking in the vat of ramen noodles and pork soup.


The noodle bath is not just for the sake of fun and a unique theme. The pork soup is infused with collagen which is confined in pork-based broth. There are different views about the noodle bath. There are people who think that the bath is gooey and weird. There are others who think that it is pleasurable. We have to try it for us to describe how it feels.

If noodle bath is not our thing, we can also try different baths. There’s sake bath, green tea bath (with giant pot pouring tea) and many more. The experience is unusual but it is worth a try. This is the first time that people use foods as a bath but it will not be the last. If we want to experience it, we can simply go to Hakone and try it.