Man’s Guide to Maintaining a Good Haircut

Although you wouldn’t consider hair as clothing, the importance of your hair is beyond compare. You see, your hair is right above your face and if it does not complement your looks, it could drag your appearance down no matter what you wear.

There should be no excuse to a bad hair day and this is something people do not understand. Sometimes people only get their hair cut once they have already received negative criticism but then again, it’s already too late since you’ve already given off that image.

Now, here are a few things you can do to maintain a good haircut:

1. Hair Length
Decide the length of your hair and grow it out just a little more than what your desired look, this way, your barber will be able to cut into the desired hair. It’s obvious that your barber won’t be able to add length to your hair which is why you should do it yourself. It may seem a little bit uncomfortable growing your hair out but you just have to do this if you are to plan the perfect hairstyle.

2. Expert opinion
Get an expert’s opinion. It doesn’t matter how nice a specific style looks, if it does not match you, then you still won’t be able to look good. Usually experts do not do this for free and you would have to invest on getting the style you want during the beginning.

3. Go to a High Class Salon/Barbershop
Paying a little extra for your first haircut with your new style is a must. You wouldn’t want to compromise on this step because it could really ruin the looks of your hair in the long run. We do not deny that sometimes this step costs a little more than what you are comfortable to spend on but we insist that it is absolutely necessary. Once you are done with your haircut, do not forget to document every detail of your haircut for future references.

4. Maintain
Maintaining the shape of your hair is cheaper than your first haircut. You can now find a barbershop which is cheaper but also put into mind the quality of their cuts. Since you’ve documented the hairstyle you’ve got from that expensive cut, you can now explain and let them duplicate that kind of haircut. This is a great way to maintain that glorious shape all throughout.

5. Schedule
Make sure that you do not reach a point where you are having a bad hair-day. Getting a haircut is a necessity and you should be willing to schedule and budget for a regular haircut every now and then. The ideal time frame for a good haircut is at least twice a month. That way, you are able to maintain the look of your hair without allowing it to grow too much.

Every Piece of Clothing a Woman Needs

There are probably only a handful of women in the world who will say no to a cabinet full of clothes and shoes. But before you stock up that closet, here are essential pieces you will need for almost any occasion.

Black Blazer
You can wear this over a shirt or blouse or tie it up around your waist. It’s less bulky than jackets and will go well with any outfit. A simple black blazer can be paired up with any casual or business attire.

Black Dress
You’ve probably heard this a lot of times but yes, a black dress is perfect for those occasions when you don’t have time to pick an outfit before the event. They are so versatile they can be worn during corporate events and even while you’re just out window-shopping.

Black Trousers
If you don’t feel like wearing a skirt or a dress to a formal event, black trousers can make you look sleek and stylish and still give you the same comfort as blue jeans.

Brand Jeans
Whether you prefer washed or unwashed jeans, blue jeans never go out of fashion. They can be paired with any color and any type of shoes. Pick trusted brands that will last for a long time.

Button-Down Shirt
If you love to layer clothes, this item is a must-have. Pick shirts with patterns like dots, flowers or stripes.

Convertible Bra
You can wear this under any type of shirt or dress. You wouldn’t want your outfit ruined by flashing your boobs. Pick nude or black colors for versatility.

Nude Pumps
Flesh-colored pumps can be worn with any color of dress or skirt. They’re less distracting than red and more casual than black pumps. The color also makes your feet look clean.

Pencil Skirt
This brings out your beautiful figure and is perfect for formal wear. Pick neutral colors like white or black that can be paired with printed blouses.

Red Shoes
This is for those times when you want to stand out. Red is sexy and elegant at the same time. You’ll look fabulous if you pair up your red pumps with a white or black dress.

Not only do they look great on casual outfits but sneakers provide your feet with support and comfort you will never find in other types of shoes.

Striped Shirt
Striped shirts are less distracting than printed shirts. They’re also fashionable and can be paired with almost any type of skirt or trousers.

Black tights can be worn under dresses or skirts. They also show off your beautiful legs and are light, elastic and comfortable to wear.

White Shirt
Just a plain, simple white shirt will go a long way. You can wear it underneath a blazer. Sometimes printed shirts can be distracting, but a white shirt paired jeans will still make you look fashionable.

How to Be Fashionable When Pregnant

Don’t worry about looking unfashionable when you’re pregnant. It’s a wonderful experience that you should enjoy. Besides, you can still look fabulous even with a baby bump.

Things to Consider
You can’t wear your regular clothes anymore so you will need to look for new clothes. They should be light and comfortable. Avoid tight-fitting clothes that will make it difficult for you to move. You don’t need to buy anything expensive because you’ll be wearing them for only a few months.

Office Clothes
If you choose to wear regular clothing, consider sizes that are slightly larger than what you’d normally wear. You can still wear your regular working clothes during the first several weeks. When you have fewer options, pick shirts with fewer buttons and slim-fit skirt and pants made of soft fabric and dark or neutral colors.

Pick Alternatives
You don’t have to look like a sack during your pregnancy by borrowing your husband’s shirts just because they fit. Dresses, deep v-neck or scoop-neck shirts, maternity jeans and leggings are your best alternatives. Avoid layering and if you’re worried about proportions and wear clothes with patterns and stripes.

The Right Bra
During pregnancy, it’s natural for the breasts to enlarge so you will need a bigger cup size. Your pregnancy bra should be different as well from the bra you will use for nursing later. Pick materials made of cotton for comfort.

High-heeled shoes don’t give your legs and back proper support. Low heels are ideal for the first few months. You should also look for the following: a hidden wedge heel, flexible outer sole, and special inner soles that massage your feet. Your feet might be a size larger too. Use flat heels and loafers late in your pregnancy to avoid back pain.

Types of Dresses
They’re comfortable and can be worn at any occasion. Take your pick among flowing skirts, empire waists, wrap dresses, shift dresses, and maxi dresses.

Long Shirts
If you’re worried about looking larger than usual, go for long shirts, maxi hems and extended layers. Patterns that give the illusion that your body proportion is longer vertically will also help. Don’t buy button-down blouses because they won’t fit when you’re tummy is bigger.

Classic Cardigan
Cardigans are easy put on. Pick those with fewer buttons and in neutral colors so they can be paired with any outfit. Don’t hesitate to go for bold colors and patterns however. You don’t need to buy new ones if you already have some in your closet.

When you choose to wear deep v-neck shirts, pair it up with a statement necklace. Accentuate your baby bump with a belt over a dress. Buy a belly band for that added lift and back support. They can also be worn with jeans.

How to Incorporate 90s Fashion Trends to Your Daily Wardrobe

When you think of the 90s fashion trend, you probably picture grunge get-ups and bare midriffs – aesthetics that won’t exactly fit a professional image. Fret not though, for there are several ways on how you can seamlessly incorporate these trends into your daily ensemble without changing your entire look.


  1. Off-Shoulder Tops

This trend is one of the several 90s trend that has been popping up a lot recently, and it’s actually an easy one to incorporate in your wardrobe. Just wear this top with your classic pumps and crisp slacks to achieve a sophisticated look that’ll surely turn heads your way. While it may not be an appropriate office attire, you can certainly wear this look for some after-work drinks.

  1. Choker Necklaces

Any woman who was a tween or teen in the 90s can confirm that rocking a tattoo choker was the ultimate fashion statement during those times. Although these plastic necklaces will no longer trend these days, you can take an inspiration from this fashion statement and invest on a grown-up version of a choker necklace instead.

Simply purchase a thick modern choker to stock in your wardrobe. These necklaces go well with almost any high neckline – an all-metal version is a classy option to wear with your favourite work outfit. Just pair it with a dark shade of berry lippie to achieve a suave 90s vibe.


  1. Flannel Shirts

While you may feel like a lumberjack as you sport your flannel-over shirt look, this piece is a must-have if you’re thinking of adding a touch of grunge to your outfit without looking messy.

If your office allows a casual dress code, throw your flannel shirt over your favourite graphic tee and jeans. You can also tie the flannel around your waist to sport an effortlessly cool look. For an added 90s vibe to your get-up, don your hair into two low buns.

  1. Slip Dresses

Although a sexy slip dress isn’t a workplace friendly trend, you can definitely wear this dress on a night out with friends or a date night with your partner. Just opt for a longer dress to avoid constantly fussing with your hem, and style it with a pair of strappy sandals and a thick cardigan, a structured blazer, or a motorcycle jacket. Also, consider stashing a travel-sized bottle of static remover before heading out, since the silky fabric of this dress is notorious for clinging.

Although it seems quite challenging, incorporating the 90s trend to your daily wardrobe is actually pretty easy. Just keep these tips in mind, and you’ll definitely be able to wear your favourite 90s trend again.


More than Just the Glass Slippers

5 Shoes That Every Woman Should Have

Women love shoes. From sophisticated pumps to pretty ballet flats, all types of shoes are just welcome in our closet. However, it’s easy for a lady to get distracted with all the sky-high heels and feather-fairing shoes, and ignore the basics that could complement a daily outfit.


So, to make sure that the foundation of your shoe closet is set right, here are five basic shoe types that should be present in your shoe wardrobe.

  1. Coloured Ballet Flats

It’s undeniable that a pair of black ballets is every woman’s classic go-to shoe, but a coloured pair also makes for a confident and fun fashion statement. Add a pop of colour on your outfit by opting for a pair set in berry hues with a touch of silver or metallic gold colour.

  1. Black Heels

Whether or not it’s a sky-high heel, this pair is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. A perfect match for almost any outfit that you can imagine, a good pair of black heels is a worthy piece of investment. You can go for the classic black heels—closed back and toe with 3-inch heels—or opt for a pair with thicker heels with either round or pointed toe.

  1. Nude Pumps


Creating an illusion of longer legs is made possible with nude pumps. Perfect for a semi-casual or even a night-out outfit, these shoes are just trans-seasonal. Pair them up with black leggings for a sleek and casual vibe, or wear them with bare legs for taller and sexier stand.

  1. Cork Wedges

With its comfortable, casual but chic look, cork wedges are known as the warm weather wardrobe hero. Opt for a style with higher heels or those with metallic materials on the straps to complete a fun summer outfit.

  1. Black Ankle Boots

Complete an edgy look, toughen a floaty dress, or finish off a boardroom ensemble by donning a pair of black ankle boots. With this pair, sporting chic heels while keeping your feet warm is never impossible.

Sticking to the basics is important not just in clothing pieces, but for shoes as well. So make sure that your shoe wardrobe has the right foundation by getting a pair (or two!) of each of the aforementioned shoe styles.