5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Business Needs a Dedicated IT Service Provider

Singapore SMBs usually have smaller IT infrastructure, and thus can do without an IT department or a dedicated IT guy. However, just like everything else these days, operations of these businesses depend so much on technology—databases, emails, spreadsheets, documents and even unique software for the industry they’re in.


So how do you know when it’s time to bring in IT professionals? Whether your business is big or small, if you can relate to any of these tell-tale signs, your company might be in great need for an IT service provider.

1. Continuous IT Issues
Three weeks ago, your email crashes. A week after that, your data was breached. Then now, an employee accidentally downloaded a virus via email and crashed your network.

If this sounds like a common scenario, you probably already know that running into never-ending IT issues is more than just annoying—it’s costly, time-consuming, and can affect your business’ productivity. Secure your system from future issues by employing professional IT services. A qualified IT service company can provide tech management and maintenance 24 hours, seven times a week.

2. Non-Existent IT Budget
Many SMBs in Singapore prepare for expected IT expenses (e.g. new hardware purchases and network setup for a new office location.), but never prepare for unexpected tech problems with an IT service company in Singapore such as infected units, crashing servers, and outdated systems.

If you hire a dedicated provider of IT services, your system will constantly be monitored to prevent potential IT issues and ward-off more serious tech problems that can send your company expenses off the charts.

3. No Dedicated IT Team
Most Singapore SMBs don’t have full-time IT team, which usually means everyone gets to handle their own IT issues whenever they encounter one. This can overwhelm non-IT-expert employees, who are uneducated and unaware of the latest technologies in the tech industry; therefore, leading to further escalating the problem.

Pointing at document

Do not put the burden on your employees when you can hire a managed service provider as your tech support. These experts have significant years of experiences and can efficiently guide you in the right direction for utilizing the current technologies that are ideal for your company’s goals.

4. Clueless of Assessing an IT Strategy
Your mission—and expertise—is to make your business excel and improve its productivity, not to develop an IT strategy or constantly be on the lookout for the latest innovations and upgrades in the world of technology.

To take this burden off of every business owner, IT services providers exist to help define the right IT strategy for every business type. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve employees’ productivity or plan for a security strategy for your company, employing the right provider can be of great help for your company’s growth.

5. Data Isn’t Backed-Up Ever Since

Have you ever thought of how you’re going to recover all lost data when the hard drive crashes or some sort of natural disaster strikes? If you have never performed a back-up or you did but can’t remember when the last time was, it’s time to let the professionals handle your critical business data.

Hiring an IT expert ensures that those important files, contacts, contracts, documents, reports, photos, and background researches are in safe storage no matter what happens to the hardware. These experts have their own designs of disaster recovery plans to offer to their clients in case of any unfortunate circumstances.

Remember that there’s no shame for asking for help. As the owner, it’s important to always be on the lookout for ways to improve your operations. A good IT company can do a lot to help your business streamline its operations and manage its tech solutions better.