Handmade Gifts for Dad  


We are so preoccupied with our things that we often forget about spending time with dad. We should not forget dad no matter what happens. Whilst they are here, he have to spend time with them.


For this Father’s Day, we have to show them how we love them by giving them handmade tokens. It doesn’t have to be expensive or creative, as long as it is from the heart, our dads will be just as delighted.

Here are some gift ideas:

  • Unusual tie tacks: If our dads always wear suits, it is time that we make him tie tacks. When he wears it, he will be reminded of us. If we do not know how to make tie tacks, we can look for one. For sure, many people will see it and he will wear it proudly.


  • Pen holders: Our dad needs pen holders so his pens will not stray away from his working table. We can look for tin cans or plastic, cover it with art and viola – our dad has pen holders!
  • Meatballs: It doesn’t have to be a think all the time. We can make our dads a hearty meal. If he loves meatballs, we can make different meatballs. It is true that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Let us treat our dad with meatballs – healthy meatballs.
  • Mug: If our dad loves coffee, the least that we can do is make him a mug. The mug will speak of our love to him. Whether it is beautiful or not, he will treasure it.

There are other gifts here in Singapore that we can consider if we look closely. Father’s Day will be on June 21. Save the date!