Things to Ponder Before Buying Hoverboards  


The popularity of hoverboards is undeniable here in Singapore. Many Singaporeans are actually drawn to these lithium battery-powered personal transportation devices. In fact, patrons are asking for a path to steer clear while there are others who bring these personal transportation devices whenever they travel.


Hoverboards are appealing and kind of practical for others but we have to be wary about it. As consumers, we need to be informed of our choices and the risks it include before indulging or buying. Hoverboards can be bought online and shops but they do not willingly reveal the risks of hoverboards so you can make an informed decision.

You should not turn a blind eye when it comes to safety. Before purchasing hoverboards, here are some things that you need to know:

  • Look for the mark: You cannot be sure whether the mark is genuine or not if you just purchase it anywhere. It is imperative that you look for the mark and to make sure, you have to choose a reliable store. The mark should be legible and visible.
  • Check the whole package: The whole package should include the box, charger and the device itself. Checking it includes looking for traceable information like the contact details of the importer or manufacturer. If contact details are missing, do not buy at all.
  • Read the manual: Sometimes, the manual will give the manufacturer away. You will know easily if the manufacturer is a bogus if the manual provided has misspelled words and nonsense instructions.


  • Search for online reviews: When you are buying online, be sure that you search for online reviews and make it a point to read it. If you have time, read all reviews not just the first two or three. Make sure that you checked the information of the manufacturer because it might be bogus.
  • Do not buy at all: When in doubt, do not buy at all or risk the safety of the people around you. Do not waste your money if you think that it is not safe.

If you are still positive about purchasing hoverboards, you have to know that Singapore Airlines (SIA) will not allow passengers to bring hoverboards on their trips whether carry-on or check-in. The ban was relevant and timely because hoverboards pose safety risks. According to the SIA, they only complied with the strict rules of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA discourages the transport of lithium batteries which fell under the agency’s “dangerous goods” category.

So next time you go on a trip, forget about hoverboards.

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