How to Cleverly Deal With Toxic People


How you wish that life is perfect but you know that it cannot be. There is always something or someone that is keeping you away from the life that you want. This is where your perseverance comes in. In this life, you have to persevere and cleverly deal with toxic people to thrive and be successful.


Here in Singapore, there is always this someone (it may be in your neighbourhood, school or workplace) who stresses the hell out of you. If you have these people around, it is time to effectively and cleverly deal with them so you can live your full potential.

Remember that if you allow these people to plague your life, it will create anarchy and disorder. They will manipulate you and use your emotions against you to get what they want. It is time to stand against these people. Here are some tips on dealing with toxic people:

  • Ignore attention seekers: Toxic people are attention seekers. They seek attention no matter the cost. They will make everything about them and that is not good. You will notice signs of attention seekers at the onset so better avoid them while it is still early. Look for small actions or gestures like interrupting people, unnecessary loud and acting out. In a normal social circle, everybody is given chance to have fun and talk.


  • Never share secrets: Toxic people will try to get close to you and win your trust but you have to be very careful about this because once you turn your back, they will betray the trust that you have given. The best thing to do is never trust them with your secrets because they will only use it against you to create friction and destroy your relationships.


  • Evade manipulative people: Before you evade these kinds of people, you have to recognize the signs first. Manipulative people will control your feelings to further their goals. If you feel inadequacy, anger and sadness when around with someone, he/she is definitely a master manipulator. Avoid people who callously toy with your emotions and feelings.


  • Do not get involved with petty dramas: If you always find yourself tangled with petty dramas, you are in the company of toxic people. These people always entice drama and arguments. These people love publicity so they make petty dramas. Too bad you already know to avoid them.


There is a reason why these people are toxic. It is high time to get rid of them and live peacefully.    2013-5-strategies-for-dealing-with-negative-people