Manners to Observe on Your Next Gym Session


It is not enough that you resolved to lose weight. Finally deciding to lose weight and getting serious are just the beginning. Here in Singapore, losing weight is encouraged that almost all parks have equipment you can use for free. If you do not want to exercise in public, you can always choose to sign up for an exclusive gym membership.

Going to the gym is a fitness routine you have to develop. No matter how exclusive it is, the fact still remains that there are other members around and you are expected to be in your best behaviour. There are certain fitness rules that you should follow. Here are some rules that you should observe for harmonious sessions:

Do not speak loudly; you are not inside the phone booth

Your friend is calling you and you feel like boasting you are in the gym. There is nothing wrong with that but if you talk too loud, other members might get annoyed. Remember that you are not inside the phone booth. If you cannot contain your voice, at least go in a corner and far away from people as possible.

Do wipe your sweat

As a courtesy to the next user, you have to wipe your sweat. This is the reason why it is important you always carry around your towel. Remember that it is not your equipment that you can just leave without wiping. Other people will use it and it will be surely appreciated if you wipe or clean it.

Do return the equipment where it belongs

No matter how exclusive the gym is, chances are you will have to share equipment at some point in time with other members. If you use equipment first, gym members will respect your time. If you are done, the best signal is to return the equipment (like weights) where it belongs. Do not hoard all equipment.

Do not yell

When the workout is intense, sometimes it is best to let it all out. That is okay once in a while but if you continue to yell, that will be annoying enough. The same goes for moaning incessantly every repetition. As much as possible do not yell or moan too much.

Do not keep everything

Your parents taught you to share things. It is always nice to share things. If there are other members you want to use equipment or join you, share it. Do not worry because it will not delay your goal.

You have to embrace these manners or rules for your next gym session.

Tips to Finding a Dentist Patients Trust


Looking for a professional dentist shouldn’t be rushed. Remember that you owe it to yourself to ensure that you’re trusting the right people to help you look after your oral health. Going to the wrong individuals will only cost you more and worse, lead to serious health problems you could have otherwise prevented.


Here are a few tips to choosing a reliable dentist:


Ask for recommendations. In case you’re moving to another location, you might want to ask your current dentist for recommendations. They probably know trusted dental professionals or even emergency dentist near your new home. If you don’t have a current dentist, you can as well ask your physician if they know someone they could refer to you. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family too. They can also relay to you important information about the dentist, their staff, and their services, for example, teeth whitening. They could advise whether the team is being helpful with their concerns and are easy to talk to.


Look into their experience. You’d want to ensure that the dentist has years of experience practicing the procedure you’re interested in. For instance, if you’re looking to undergo teeth whitening procedures, it will help give you peace of mind knowing that your dentist indeed specialises in it. A dentist would be more than happy to talk to you about their experience with their previous patients. They would be proud to share stories from their pool of happy clients.

Review customer feedback. Dentists who have kept a positive track record among their clients would be happy to share with you testimonials or even photos from procedures they have performed. You might want to get in touch with the patients when you can. They are the best people to ask if the dentist has been accommodating with all their concerns. There’s nothing wrong looking at the customer feedback on the dentist’s website, but statements coming from the patients, themselves, will always be more credible.


Ask questions about the technology they use. Dentists now use state of the art equipment especially in situations where dental emergencies arise. You need an emergency dentist who would be able to assess and treat dental emergencies. They should be equipped with the right paraphernalia and skills to handle any situation, at any time.


One of the first things that people notice about you is your smile. It helps a lot then, that your smile is warm and inviting. If you want to achieve a perfect smile, you need to look beyond repairing crooked teeth. It’s as well essential to keep your mouth healthy. With constant exposure to food debris along with other harmful habits, your teeth could easily suffer from damages. Coloured beverages such as coffee and soda, for one, can lead to teeth discolouration. Grinding your teeth unconsciously can also damage your tooth enamel.


A professional dentist would be able to help you enhance the appearance of your smile and at the same time promote your overall oral health. They will be able to help you decide which latest technique or procedure available in the market today would best address your needs.

Healthy Breakfast for a Good Day


Many times we hear people saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is called breakfast because it breaks the longest fasting period of the body. Aside from that, eating after sleep will replenish the body’s glucose supply to keep the energy pumping all through your day. The sad thing is that though many are aware of it, it is not practiced.


When you are about to prepare for breakfast, you realized that you do not have time for it and then skip it. If given a choice, you would rather sleep it out than wake up and eat. This is a common scenario in many households here in Singapore. It is time that you change your ways. You can actually whip a healthy breakfast in few minutes. Remember that options are infinite when preparing for breakfast.

Here are some healthy breakfast suggestion that will guarantee a good day:

  • Oatmeal with egg: Sometimes you do not like oatmeal because it is plain boring. Now, you should realize that you can do many things with your oatmeal. Start with this savoury oatmeal with egg. When preparing the oatmeal, do not add sugar or cinnamon. You should try adding poached egg then finally sprinkle it with some cheese for added flavour.


  • Avocado toast topped with egg: It is said that avocados are wonder fruit because it contains more nutrients than any other fruit. It is time to put all these nutrients in good news. Why not try topping the smashed avocado on your bread? The bread should be toasted first and then layer it with sunny-side up eggs. This will surely give you good dose of protein. If you want, you can bring some for your morning snack.


  • Leftover overload: No food should be wasted. If you are stuck with leftovers from last night, it is time to put it in good use instead of throwing it. Microwave the leftover but this time put some cracked egg and heat it for 30 to 45 seconds. If you have Parmesan cheese, you can sprinkle some.


  • Smoothies: No time to cook? If this is the case, allot time blending something before heading to school or work. Smoothies are good and packed with nutrients plus it can get tasty. It is like taking everything with one gulp. Try blending yogurt, bananas, honey, soy milk and peanut butter. You only need some ice cubes. It is better to prepare it at night so you can still freeze it.

Every Singaporean should eat breakfast before tackling the day as it can make a difference.


Foods and Drinks That Can Help You Relax in Five Minutes or Less


Life is hectic here in Singapore and it can get worse if you do not stop for a while to relax. Relaxing does not mean going for that overdue trip abroad or beach tanning. Sometimes you need five minutes to relax so you can still function and be productive. Luckily there are many foods and drinks that will help you relax you in just five minutes – or less.


Here are some foods and drinks that’ll relax you:

Green tea – Green tea is one of the wonders of nature. It is healthy plus it can help you relax. Instead of getting angry there because of overtime for the hundredth time, sipping green tea can help. Green tea has this chemical called L-theanine that can help dismiss anger.

Chocolate – Dark chocolates are particularly good for you especially when your day gets tougher than the previous. A dark chocolate can calm you and it regulates the cortisol – the stress hormone. Aside from that, it can also stabilize your metabolism.

Honey – You know honey as a good skin moisturizer but it can also be used to lift your mood, depression and anxiety. You only need to slurp a spoonful of honey. Honey has this compound that can reduce the brain’s inflammation thereby fighting depression and anxiety.

Mango – A ripe mango is not an ideal snack because it can get messy but it can actually help you with lessening stress levels. It has a compound that is called linalool that can actually lower your stress levels. Do not worry about the juice though and the mess because it is worth it.


Gum – Chewing gum sounds simple but it can actually help you ease stress and anxiety. The good thing about chewing a gum is that you get to choose a lot of flavors and it is fruity plus minty. Sometimes you are lazy preparing for a green tea or slicing a mango or slurping honey which is why chewing gum is the easiest option. Like others, gum can lower your cortisol levels.

Crunchy snack – Crunchy snacks doesn’t need to be junk foods. When you get stressed, you tend to crave for crunchy and salty foods – which are unhealthy. It is easy to just munch on salty and crunchy snacks but think about your health. There are healthy choices for crunchy snacks like celery sticks. Do not indulge on sugary or salty foods.

There you go. These foods can help you fight stress and induce relaxation even for five minutes. If you have the time, you have to rest longer.


The Wonders of Ketogenic Diet


Studies and experiments are being done in support for the discovery of cancer cure. Some people say cancer has no cure but there will come a day that it will no longer plague the nation and the world. No matter how long it takes, cancer patients remain hopeful that one day, a cure will come and restore their health.


Singapore has one of the best hospitals and health care system. Despite that, cancer cure is still yet to be discovered. However there is this recent study claiming that a ketogenic diet can help with starving the tumours. For those who are not familiar about the ketogenic diet, a discussion should be in place.

What is a ketogenic diet?

For your information, ketogenic consists of high-fat, enough-protein and low-carbohydrate diet. This specific kind of diet is used in medicine to treat epilepsy in children. Ketogenic was developed by Dr. Russel Wilder in 1924. The body utilizes carbohydrates as fuel. With this diet, fats will become the fuel instead. When the body utilizes fat instead as the source of energy, ketones will be formed. Higher ketones will lead to improved seizure control.

Ketogenic diet and epilepsy

In Ketogenic diet, the kinds of foods that the patient eats include heavy whipped cream, oils, mayonnaise, olive oil, canola oil and butter. Compared to the Atkins diet, ketogenic diet is stricter as it requires careful measurement of proteins, calories and fluids. Instead of using pharmaceutical drugs, diet proved to treat epilepsy.


Ketogenic diet and cancer

Many people believed that the diet is only for people with epilepsy but later found out that it has the potential to treat tumour cells. There was a study in 2012 conducted by the Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Centre. Researchers found out that the brain tumour cells in a mouse were possibly treated with a combination of radiation therapy and ketogenic diet.

Other highlights

Other people consider the diet as a means to losing weight because of its high fat and low carb approach. According to some experts, the ketogenic diet promotes more rapid weight loss than your traditional low calorie and low fat diets. It makes sense. Removing carbs from your diet (like grains, sugar, bread and potatoes) will lead you to drop weight faster than you could imagine.

If you know a person with epilepsy, perhaps you should share this diet to them. For brain tumour cure, one can only hope for the best. Cure is almost upon us.


Meditating Tips: How to Effectively Execute It


For those who are not into meditation, they see it a foolish activity not to mention a waste of time. It is high time that you should be enlightened. Meditation can do so much if only you give it a chance. It can be a tool for your mind which can combat stress and promotes physical health.


It does not end there because meditation can also help you with chronic pain. As if it is not enough, meditation can facilitate sleep and inner peace. On deeper sense, meditation can be your doorway to the unknown – it can assist you comprehend the mystery of who you are and many more. You will then realize that the mind is unruly and starting it may be difficult especially with all the things that is going on in your mind.

If you are just starting with meditation, do not stress yourself with taming your mind immediately. The mind being unruly is completely natural that is why you need to find some peacefulness and clarity. Meditation can help you with that. Here are some meditating tips that you can consider:

  • Posture: The first thing that you should practice is good posture whether you are meditating or not. In meditation, posture is important because it can ease clearing the mind. If you are slumped, your mind will surely drift. You have to make sure that your spine is straight with head up.


  • Eyes: You have to at least try and keep your eyes open. Some people find it easier to close eyes but the disadvantage of this is allowing your mind to wonder and drift away. You will be flooded with thoughts and stories. When you open eyes, just lower it and let gaze be easy. However if you feel more comfortable with eyes close, do it.


  • Breath: You should pay attention with your breathing if you want to anchor yourself in the now. Do not be too conscious of your breathing – allow it to be natural. Try counting your breath if you are having difficulties with settling.


  • Emotions: It is hard to meditate if you are struggling with strong emotions like anger, fear and shame. These emotions can breed unpleasant thoughts and stories. This will make meditation more difficult. The best thing to do here is to focus on the body and the feelings that accompany such emotions.


  • Length: If you are a beginner, start with 10 minutes of meditation then gradually increase as you go along. Do not force yourself to do more. Do what feels right. It doesn’t matter whether it is 10 minutes or 1 hour. The important thing is you meditated.

Singapore can drown you that is why you need to meditate and shrug off things that are slowing you down.