Common Characteristics of Entrepreneurs


Here in Singapore, we cannot get rich if we are simply working in a white collar job. Yes, working can give us our needs and some wants but is it enough? It is not enough because we still find ourselves working to meet both ends. When exhaustion hits us, we will suddenly think “when will we become rich”?


All Singaporeans want to be rich and enjoy the life of financial independence but not all are lucky to get to that point. Rich people are most often entrepreneurs. Having a business gives us the chance to improve our lives financially, physically and mentally. What prompted these people to be entrepreneurs? Here are the reasons for becoming entrepreneurs:

  • Don’t like having a boss: People become entrepreneurs because we cannot have a boss. Bosses direct our actions leaving us little space to move. If we want to freely do the things that we want, bosses are just nuisances.
  • Easily gets bored: If we are jumping from one job to another, that means we are bored. We are still finding the thrill and excitement a job has to offer but it is only through managing a business that we will feel the excitement and the thrill.


  • Too impatient: If we are too impatient to do things, there is no other way but to govern our own time. We have to become an entrepreneur and take the world hastily.
  • Has nothing to lose: For those who want to get a piece of the cake, they are fearless. They have nothing to lose so they leap instantly.
  • Resourceful: If people are resourceful but are provided with a limited space to grow, becoming an entrepreneur will give them the freedom that they want.
  • Experienced the hard knock life: For those who suffered from the moment they are born, the drive to become an entrepreneur and be successful is imminent.

Now that we know what prompts people to be entrepreneur, it is time that we decide our own fate. If we are serious about becoming rich, it is possible and the only chance is becoming an entrepreneur. Yes, the beginning is hard and it will continue to be hard for the next few years but once we have established our business, things will come easily and we will get used to it.

There is no room for fear only calculated measures. We might also feel the hit few times but the important thing here is we stand back again and begin. We have to get inspiration from entrepreneurs who encountered several downfalls but still never gave up. We need inspiration if we want to go far.