Deep Connection: 4 Things to Talk About to Keep the Spark Alive


“How are you?”, “Where have you been?”, “Have you eaten?” these are just some of the common conversation starters of Singaporeans and even most of us, all over the world. Strange as it may seem, these are also the same, exact greetings we use when we greet our loved ones, to whom we have deeper connections. You can do better than that!


Conversations, especially in relationships, bring people closer. More often than not, good talking habits breed disclosures which can lead to greater intimacy and connection. When you have been in the relationship for quite some time, you and your partner may find yourselves at loss for topics to talk about that it may seem boring and dry. Relationships without intellectual stimulation can grow stagnant, so start tickling each other’s brain. When you wander through these refreshing topics, exchanging of words with your partner will go beyond the typical “how is your day?” introduction and will dig a more meaningful communication between the two of you.

  1. Travel Bucket list

The world is a very huge place! Discovering each other’s travel wish list, meeting halfway, doing it one at a time or whichever way you guys want is almost an endless topic to discuss about. It will also hone you and your partner’s soft skills in planning and organizing trips which can be a way to practice teamwork, after all, it takes to two tango.

  1. Compliments

It’s a golden rule in psychology, that when we are appreciated of what we do, we tend to do more! No matter how long you have been in the relationship, do not forget to remind your partner how much you appreciate and value him. Let him know what you like most about his personality, character or talent that stands out from the pack. You can complement them about an achievement or sweet thing he did the earlier week. Regardless of how big or small it is, compliments are BIG deal.


  1. Erotic Fantasy or Sex Talk

If you have reached a relationship level where talking about sex is not a taboo, then this might be a good starter to spice things up. You can open up some of your erotic fantasies between the sheets or naughty thoughts. This will be an interesting and fun way to exchange your never-talked-about imaginations while giggling. If conversations get a little farther, you can share each other’s favorite sexual positions, fetish, or whatever it is that would turn you on. Just make sure you are not creating stress to your partner by expecting and demanding him/her to act out anything.

  1. Preferences

Sometimes, the little things count the most. When you and your partner’s preferences are not well defined or discussed, this can cause harm to the relationship in the long haul. This topic need not to be that serious, you can make it fun by initiating Q & A with your SO’s likes and dislikes. After all, the more you know what your partner prefers, the more you get to know them and get a hold of how to take care of the companionship.Couple-talking