Foods and Drinks That Can Help You Relax in Five Minutes or Less


Life is hectic here in Singapore and it can get worse if you do not stop for a while to relax. Relaxing does not mean going for that overdue trip abroad or beach tanning. Sometimes you need five minutes to relax so you can still function and be productive. Luckily there are many foods and drinks that will help you relax you in just five minutes – or less.


Here are some foods and drinks that’ll relax you:

Green tea – Green tea is one of the wonders of nature. It is healthy plus it can help you relax. Instead of getting angry there because of overtime for the hundredth time, sipping green tea can help. Green tea has this chemical called L-theanine that can help dismiss anger.

Chocolate – Dark chocolates are particularly good for you especially when your day gets tougher than the previous. A dark chocolate can calm you and it regulates the cortisol – the stress hormone. Aside from that, it can also stabilize your metabolism.

Honey – You know honey as a good skin moisturizer but it can also be used to lift your mood, depression and anxiety. You only need to slurp a spoonful of honey. Honey has this compound that can reduce the brain’s inflammation thereby fighting depression and anxiety.

Mango – A ripe mango is not an ideal snack because it can get messy but it can actually help you with lessening stress levels. It has a compound that is called linalool that can actually lower your stress levels. Do not worry about the juice though and the mess because it is worth it.


Gum – Chewing gum sounds simple but it can actually help you ease stress and anxiety. The good thing about chewing a gum is that you get to choose a lot of flavors and it is fruity plus minty. Sometimes you are lazy preparing for a green tea or slicing a mango or slurping honey which is why chewing gum is the easiest option. Like others, gum can lower your cortisol levels.

Crunchy snack – Crunchy snacks doesn’t need to be junk foods. When you get stressed, you tend to crave for crunchy and salty foods – which are unhealthy. It is easy to just munch on salty and crunchy snacks but think about your health. There are healthy choices for crunchy snacks like celery sticks. Do not indulge on sugary or salty foods.

There you go. These foods can help you fight stress and induce relaxation even for five minutes. If you have the time, you have to rest longer.