Gadgets That Will Keep Your Home Safe and Secured


Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. However, for some, leaving home can be a source of stress because of burglary and theft opportunities. Luckily, technology has evolved over the years and made home security easier than before. Give yourself peace of mind with these high-tech helpers.


  1. Smart Locks

Smart locks can be attached to any deadlocks from the inside, so passersby won’t be able to see you have one. They are connected and controlled through your mobile device via Bluetooth, cellular data, or Wi-Fi. By using its app, you can grant access to your family and visiting friends, even when you’re far away from home.

  1. Light Timers

This may be simple and not the most high-tech tool to be included in this list, but setting lights on a timer when you’re away helps deter opportunists. Burglars do well in the dark, where they think no one’s around. If you’re home is well-lit, they would think someone’s in there and would rather back off than create commotion.

  1. Magnetic Door Alarms

If you’re not ready yet to get a full home alarm system, you might want to consider magnetic door alarms. Place the two-piece plastic devices on either side of the door, and when the door opens even as little as a centimetre, it sets off a loud 110 decibels alarm. Of course, an alarm isn’t going to call a police, but it’s enough to scare away burglars.


  1. Wireless Security Cameras

Gone are the days of wired, low-resolution CCTV cameras that connect to a single monitor. With today’s wireless HD CCTVs, you don’t even need a monitor. You can stream live HD videos from your CCTVs on your smart phone or any mobile device. No matter where you may be, you can conveniently check and monitor things at home.

  1. GPS Tracking Device

Your properties aren’t the only reason that worries you when you’re away, but also your kids and pets. Worried about a newly licensed teen driver? There are tracking devices that can monitor driving speed and location and can be connected to your smart phone. For Fido, attach a tiny tracker to his collar to monitor his activities around the house.

Before, securing homes was really a challenge for homeowners. But with the help of the ever-evolving technology, home security has never been more convenient than now.