How to Be Fashionable When Pregnant

Don’t worry about looking unfashionable when you’re pregnant. It’s a wonderful experience that you should enjoy. Besides, you can still look fabulous even with a baby bump.

Things to Consider
You can’t wear your regular clothes anymore so you will need to look for new clothes. They should be light and comfortable. Avoid tight-fitting clothes that will make it difficult for you to move. You don’t need to buy anything expensive because you’ll be wearing them for only a few months.

Office Clothes
If you choose to wear regular clothing, consider sizes that are slightly larger than what you’d normally wear. You can still wear your regular working clothes during the first several weeks. When you have fewer options, pick shirts with fewer buttons and slim-fit skirt and pants made of soft fabric and dark or neutral colors.

Pick Alternatives
You don’t have to look like a sack during your pregnancy by borrowing your husband’s shirts just because they fit. Dresses, deep v-neck or scoop-neck shirts, maternity jeans and leggings are your best alternatives. Avoid layering and if you’re worried about proportions and wear clothes with patterns and stripes.

The Right Bra
During pregnancy, it’s natural for the breasts to enlarge so you will need a bigger cup size. Your pregnancy bra should be different as well from the bra you will use for nursing later. Pick materials made of cotton for comfort.

High-heeled shoes don’t give your legs and back proper support. Low heels are ideal for the first few months. You should also look for the following: a hidden wedge heel, flexible outer sole, and special inner soles that massage your feet. Your feet might be a size larger too. Use flat heels and loafers late in your pregnancy to avoid back pain.

Types of Dresses
They’re comfortable and can be worn at any occasion. Take your pick among flowing skirts, empire waists, wrap dresses, shift dresses, and maxi dresses.

Long Shirts
If you’re worried about looking larger than usual, go for long shirts, maxi hems and extended layers. Patterns that give the illusion that your body proportion is longer vertically will also help. Don’t buy button-down blouses because they won’t fit when you’re tummy is bigger.

Classic Cardigan
Cardigans are easy put on. Pick those with fewer buttons and in neutral colors so they can be paired with any outfit. Don’t hesitate to go for bold colors and patterns however. You don’t need to buy new ones if you already have some in your closet.

When you choose to wear deep v-neck shirts, pair it up with a statement necklace. Accentuate your baby bump with a belt over a dress. Buy a belly band for that added lift and back support. They can also be worn with jeans.