How to Deal with Garlic Breath


You love garlic and there is nothing wrong with that. Many Singaporean chefs use garlic for added flavouring not to mention the health benefits it offers. Speaking for health benefits, garlic has loads. For example, it contain allicin, a compound that can bring most of the health benefits.

Truth is one ounce (or roughly 28 grams) serving contains 1g of fiber, 6% recommended dietary allowance of selenium, 15% vitamin, 17% of vitamin B6 and 23% of manganese. It doesn’t stop there because it also contain decent amounts of vitamin B1, calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron and potassium.

No matter the benefits, there will always be that one thing that keeps you from eating it – garlic breath. It can be a turn off if you let it be. What is the cause of that unpleasant smell? Well, garlic belongs to the family of allium together with shallots and onions. It produces cysteine sulfoxide which gives that distinctive smell.

Knowing this, you should know how to deal with garlic breath so it will not ruin your reputation or even your relationships. It might sound shallow but there are cases that it can ruin a relationship. Do not wait for it to affect your life. The best solution to get rid of garlic breath is to stop consuming it. This is the only way to completely eliminate it but this is kind of challenging and difficult because everything you eat, there is always garlic.

If you pursue eating it, it is hard to determine if you have garlic breath and how bad it is however there are other remedies that you can consider. You can choose to neutralize the compounds inside your mouth. You can start by removing the particles in your mouth. This is done through flossing the teeth as well as brushing. You can also consider scraping the tongue and gargling with mouthwash. Note that scraping is very important because it can physically remove the sulphuric compounds found in your tongue.

Aside from these, you can also consider chewing parsley as it can neutralize the odor. If parsley is not available, you can consider other herbs like cardamom, anise seeds and cloves. You can also choose to drink tea or milk. Do not forget the lemon because aside from neutralizing the odor, it can kill bacteria that is causing the smell.

You have to remember though that these remedies can only lessen the smell not totally eliminate it. The sulphuric compounds will be exhaled from the lungs thereby making your breath smell like garlic.