How to Keep a Happy Relationship

There’s no such thing as perfect relationships but relationships can at least be a happy one. A happy relationship does not mean couples don’t encounter problems. They do but they just don’t harp on the negative aspects. Instead, they follow certain unspoken rules that keep their relationship on a solid track. Many Singaporean couples also dream of a lifelong romance and fear following down the paths of most famous Singaporean celebrities who have only gone their separate ways. If you want to keep your relationship happy, here are some guidelines you may want to keep in mind:


Never ever consider breakup or divorce

Ever noticed why divorce rates have only spiked in the recent years but minimal in the good old years of our grandparents? That’s because divorce was not available to the country then and so it has never been an option. Couples who end up in divorce (and have been through several divorces already) have such fate because they always think that divorce is the solution. You’ll have better chances of succeeding in your relationships if you just completely eliminate the idea of breakup or divorce.

Learn to make the most of imperfect situations

Struggles and challenges are part of life so don’t be surprised when you find them in your relationships, too. Successful relationships were never exempt from headaches and heartaches but couples have learned to overcome them together by seeing each other as their own teammate with a common goal. When you make the most of imperfect situations, you allow each other to grow in your relationships.


Have an open honest communication

Open and honest communication is always the key. It is said that there’s no conflict that good communication cannot help solve. So if you’re feeling something negative toward your partner or there’s anything that you want to say, express it right away. Don’t let your emotion build up over time until you’re no longer able to express it positively.

Show respect and care for each other

Familiarity breeds contempt and in some cases learning to disrespect and take each other for granted. Don’t let this be the case in your relationships. Genuine love is when you’re able to maintain your respect and show your care for your partner no matter how familiar or comfortable you both get with each other.

Be each other’s cheerleader

You are your partner’s best friend and a best friend is always there to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, and acts as a personal cheerleader. Encourage your partner’s dreams and ambitions and show that you’re willing to cheer him or her up whenever needed.