How To Know If You’re in an Abusive Relationship

An abusive relationship can affect your sense of self, your individual freedom, and your overall self-esteem. Most Singaporeans in an abusive relationship do not know that they are in an unhealthy relationship until it’s too late for them. Victims of abuse are not able to identify right away that they are being abused as they mistakenly think that their partners are only being extra possessive or passionate. The form of abuse in a relationship is not strictly limited to physical assaults. Abuses can be in the form of emotional, verbal, financial, and even sexual.

Domestic Violence With Young Man And Abused Woman

When Your Partner Shows Signs of Over Possessiveness

Jealousy is a sign that your partner loves you but when taken into extreme, over possessiveness is a common telltale sign that your partner is abusive. You are in an abusive relationship if your partner restricts your movement, stops you from meeting your friends, doesn’t allow you to meet with other people, demands your time, and demands that you report to him everything that you do.

When Your Partner Frequently Accuses You

Abusive partners are overly suspicious and will frequently accuse you for every little thing that goes wrong – and even when nothing is wrong. Abusive partners cannot trust you and will always doubt and suspect even your innocent moves.


When You Catch Your Partner in Multiple Affairs

Your partner don’t need to pass all criteria of what it means to be an abusive partner in order to determine if you’re in an unhealthy relationship. Catching your partner cheating on you once should already be a wakeup call for you. Catching your partner in multiple affairs can be a sign of an abusive relationship but regardless if it’s abusive or not, this is already a sign to call it quits.

When You Suffer From Public Humiliation

You’ll know that you’re in an abusive relationship because your partner doesn’t hesitate and would often humiliate you in front of other people. There’s also no way of knowing when your partner will be displeased and erupt into one of his or her fits. You shrink at the thought of meeting friends and family members with your partner because you’ll never know what will happen next.

When You Are Physically and Sexually Abused

Another obvious signs that you’re in an abusive relationship is when you suffer from physical and sexual abuse. There should be no legitimate reason why you should suffer physical abuse from your partner. You should also be able to say no when you don’t want to engage in sex.