How to Reinforce Your Self-Esteem  


Not all Singaporeans have high self-esteem. There is no one to blame but ourselves. Self-esteem is very important in the conduct of everyday lives because it serves as our core or backbone. Self-esteem refers to appreciating oneself for what we are regardless of the faults. Without this, we are merely a drifting paper.


Other cultures do not tackle self-esteem but it is time that we learn everything we can about it – start by learning how to reinforce your self-esteem. In school, family or work, self-esteem is crucial and therefore should not be ignored. There is a big difference between a person with a healthy self-esteem and who doesn’t.

The simple acknowledgement of what you are can go a long way. Here are some tips on reinforcing your self-esteem:

  • Take an inventory: Telling yourself “I suck” or “I am a total failure” will not do good in your self-esteem. This is telling yourself a lie. Just know that we all suck from time to time and the solution is not to wallow on grief and disappointments. Instead of wallowing, why not spend your time writing your strengths and weaknesses? The list will become your self-esteem inventory. The goal of this activity is simple – it will help you realize what you are and what you are not. If the task is too difficult, you can ask the help of the people around you.


  • Stop comparing: The golden rule is to stop comparing yourself from others because there will always be better than you. You have to accept that or be forever disappointed. Unfair comparisons will surely hurt your self-esteem. It is hard not to take notice of other people but you have to remember that the only person you should be contending against is yourself.
  • Be enthusiastic to adjust: Every now and then, you have to adjust your self-image. As you go along, you will realize your potential. Adjusting is important to match your current skills and abilities. Do not dwell on the past and base your self-esteem there for life is a constant change.
  • Set aside perfection: You have to accept that you cannot simply perfect everything. Perfection is unattainable. Knowing this, you have to let go and accept that you are not perfect at all. Do not revel on the idea of perfection because it will only disappoint you.

Remember that persons with healthy self-esteem feel good about themselves, appreciate their worth and take pride in their accomplishments without other people reminding them. They are also aware that though they are not perfect, they do not let it overwhelm their lives and affect their self-image.