How to Speak in Front of a Crowd


Once in your life you will be invited to talk in front of a crowd – as a successful alumnus of the university, as the best man in the wedding or as a representative of your company. Most of us experience stage-fright when talking in front of a number of people. But with enough preparations, one can breeze through talking in public without the jitters. These are five easy-to-follow rules that will come in handy once you are invited to speak in front of a crowd:


  1. Know your expected audience. When you are invited to do a speaking engagement, the first thing to take into consideration is your audience. Who will be listening to you? Prepare your speech in such a way that it will be easily understood. If you are a technical person who will be giving a talk about your project to non-technical persons, you have to choose the words that will make them clearly know where you are coming from.

If you will be making a toast for a best friend’s wedding in Singapore and you are from a different country, do not use your native dialect; use the universal English language instead. This is essential so that the beauty of your talk will be realized.

  1. Practice your speech by delivering it out loud. Do not practice by just talking in your head. Words must come out from your mouth because reading the speech and talking it out are two different things. Practice out loud in front of a mirror. Or you can ask a friend to listen to you. Incorporate the proper pronunciation, intonation and pauses. Talk slowly and clearly. In addition, practice giving emphasis on the strong points of your speech. When you master these all, you will be good to go!


  1. Dress appropriately. When you dress according to the occasion, you will be confident to speak. Be sure to check the theme of the event. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes apt to the occasion; otherwise, you will be focusing on your outfit the whole time rather than on your speech. Remember that your audience are already impressed with what you have to say. When they see you stand in front, oozing with wit and confidence, you will surely capture their attention more!

Improve Your Public Speaking 1

  1. Interact with your audience. Because you are already familiar with your speech, it will be easy for you to look at the audience most of the time. A speaker who looks down on his notes all the time will make the audience uninterested no matter how good the message is. Make eye-contact and interact with the crowd. Talk like you are just conversing with the audience. This will make them listen as you pique their interest from start to finish!


  1. Try to enjoy yourself. Just like any other pursuits, a positive result is guaranteed when one enjoys doing it. Always remember you are invited to talk because you are the most qualified person in the room to do it. Enjoy the time as everyone in the room focuses on you. When you make an effort to show your audience how happy you are while talking in the center-stage, all the jitters and nervousness you first felt will be gone.


Keeping all these tips in mind will calm your heart while you talk in front. When you are in your best dress with the copy of your best speech, nothing can go wrong. This opportunity of being heard by many does not come every day. Make the most of the experience. Seize the moment wherein you can inspire others.