Internet Explorer Bids Adieu  


Internet Explorer (abbreviated IE) is a web browser developed by Microsoft which is part of Microsoft Windows line of operating system. It started on August 16, 1995. In its heyday, IE is one of the world’s most widely used browser way back 2002 and 2003. However, its market share declined because of the launching of Firefox in 2004 and Google Chrome in 2008.


Internet Explorer did not sustain its market share that is why Microsoft is hinting that the brand will go away soon. What are some details about IE’s going away? Here are some:

  • Microsoft‘s confirmation: Recently, Microsoft has announced and confirmed that they will use a fresh brand for their upcoming browser. There is no name yet but it is codenamed Project Spartan. This was confirmed by Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s Marketing Chief on March 16, 2015 at the Microsoft Convergence.


  • Will IE stay? The new name and brand of the browser will be included in the Windows 10 operating system. IE will still exist in selected versions of Windows 10. However, Project Spartan will be called separately and it will be the main way for users of Windows 10 to access the web.
  • What will be the new name? Web users are intrigued because Microsoft did not release the name. Instead, they only released the codename. This is because Microsoft is still testing names with the help of market research. There are no details when the name will be revealed.

The renaming and rebranding of IE is a clever step of Microsoft to make money in the future. The company is fortifying their position in the market with the help of social media. They also want to improve the brand perception so that people will love and welcome it.