Making Wine Drinking More Pleasurable


You have invited friends over for dinner, and you’re planning to serve them an exquisite-tasting wine they will enjoy. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune for just a bottle of alcohol. If you just know some basics, serving and pairing wines with food isn’t as difficult. Here are some of our favourite wine serving and pairing suggestions.


  1. Serve It Chilled, But Not Too Cold

Though wines need to be chilled, do it moderately. Many people mistakenly serve wines too cold, which makes it hard to savour its flavours. However, don’t serve wines too warm as well, as it makes the presence of alcohol too prominent.

  1. Decant Red Wines

Pour red wine in a large glass container to expose it to air, which tones down the harsh favours and bring out its more subtle aroma. Set it aside for 15 minutes before pouring in individual wine glasses to serve.

  1. Add In Fruits

Who doesn’t love sangria? There is no better way to add sweetness to a wine than mixing in fruits and berries. Adding strawberries, apples, or any sweet, juicy fruits infuse flavour, and add a nice decorative touch to every glass.

  1. Pair It With Cheese

We all know that cheese and wine are match made in heaven. The sharp flavour of cheese beautifully masks the strong aroma of wine, and vice versa. The two flavours just complement each other for harmony and balance to please the palate. Also, cheese is versatile; you should have some on-hand always.


  1. Turn It Into a Spritzer

Adding something bubbly and fizzy helps tone down the tartness and unpleasantness of flavours. In Spain, one of the world’s top wine-producing countries, natives love the wondrous effect of adding lemon or lime soda to their wines, naming the drink “tinto de verano.” Also, another favourite is called “the poor man’s sangria,” a red wine and cola mixed drink.

  1. Mull It

If you enjoy the comforting warmth of hot wine on a rainy day, you will appreciate the beautiful effect of mulled wine. Cranking up a red wine’s temperature with some sugar and spices can hide a low-grade taste.

When shopping for wines, there’s no need to shell out big amount of money to get the best tasting one. One thing to remember, there is rarely a relationship between quality and price when it comes to wines. So if you’re tight in budget but want to serve a pleasurable drink to impress your friends, these suggestions got you covered.