Man’s Guide to Maintaining a Good Haircut

Although you wouldn’t consider hair as clothing, the importance of your hair is beyond compare. You see, your hair is right above your face and if it does not complement your looks, it could drag your appearance down no matter what you wear.

There should be no excuse to a bad hair day and this is something people do not understand. Sometimes people only get their hair cut once they have already received negative criticism but then again, it’s already too late since you’ve already given off that image.

Now, here are a few things you can do to maintain a good haircut:

1. Hair Length
Decide the length of your hair and grow it out just a little more than what your desired look, this way, your barber will be able to cut into the desired hair. It’s obvious that your barber won’t be able to add length to your hair which is why you should do it yourself. It may seem a little bit uncomfortable growing your hair out but you just have to do this if you are to plan the perfect hairstyle.

2. Expert opinion
Get an expert’s opinion. It doesn’t matter how nice a specific style looks, if it does not match you, then you still won’t be able to look good. Usually experts do not do this for free and you would have to invest on getting the style you want during the beginning.

3. Go to a High Class Salon/Barbershop
Paying a little extra for your first haircut with your new style is a must. You wouldn’t want to compromise on this step because it could really ruin the looks of your hair in the long run. We do not deny that sometimes this step costs a little more than what you are comfortable to spend on but we insist that it is absolutely necessary. Once you are done with your haircut, do not forget to document every detail of your haircut for future references.

4. Maintain
Maintaining the shape of your hair is cheaper than your first haircut. You can now find a barbershop which is cheaper but also put into mind the quality of their cuts. Since you’ve documented the hairstyle you’ve got from that expensive cut, you can now explain and let them duplicate that kind of haircut. This is a great way to maintain that glorious shape all throughout.

5. Schedule
Make sure that you do not reach a point where you are having a bad hair-day. Getting a haircut is a necessity and you should be willing to schedule and budget for a regular haircut every now and then. The ideal time frame for a good haircut is at least twice a month. That way, you are able to maintain the look of your hair without allowing it to grow too much.