Every Piece of Clothing a Woman Needs

There are probably only a handful of women in the world who will say no to a cabinet full of clothes and shoes. But before you stock up that closet, here are essential pieces you will need for almost any occasion.

Black Blazer
You can wear this over a shirt or blouse or tie it up around your waist. It’s less bulky than jackets and will go well with any outfit. A simple black blazer can be paired up with any casual or business attire.

Black Dress
You’ve probably heard this a lot of times but yes, a black dress is perfect for those occasions when you don’t have time to pick an outfit before the event. They are so versatile they can be worn during corporate events and even while you’re just out window-shopping.

Black Trousers
If you don’t feel like wearing a skirt or a dress to a formal event, black trousers can make you look sleek and stylish and still give you the same comfort as blue jeans.

Brand Jeans
Whether you prefer washed or unwashed jeans, blue jeans never go out of fashion. They can be paired with any color and any type of shoes. Pick trusted brands that will last for a long time.

Button-Down Shirt
If you love to layer clothes, this item is a must-have. Pick shirts with patterns like dots, flowers or stripes.

Convertible Bra
You can wear this under any type of shirt or dress. You wouldn’t want your outfit ruined by flashing your boobs. Pick nude or black colors for versatility.

Nude Pumps
Flesh-colored pumps can be worn with any color of dress or skirt. They’re less distracting than red and more casual than black pumps. The color also makes your feet look clean.

Pencil Skirt
This brings out your beautiful figure and is perfect for formal wear. Pick neutral colors like white or black that can be paired with printed blouses.

Red Shoes
This is for those times when you want to stand out. Red is sexy and elegant at the same time. You’ll look fabulous if you pair up your red pumps with a white or black dress.

Not only do they look great on casual outfits but sneakers provide your feet with support and comfort you will never find in other types of shoes.

Striped Shirt
Striped shirts are less distracting than printed shirts. They’re also fashionable and can be paired with almost any type of skirt or trousers.

Black tights can be worn under dresses or skirts. They also show off your beautiful legs and are light, elastic and comfortable to wear.

White Shirt
Just a plain, simple white shirt will go a long way. You can wear it underneath a blazer. Sometimes printed shirts can be distracting, but a white shirt paired jeans will still make you look fashionable.

Old Brain Games that Are Still Played Today

Do you want to challenge yourself without resorting to digital games? Board games and puzzles have been around since ancient times. Some of them are still played today.

The world’s oldest board games and puzzles may have been the Assyrian game of Twenty Squares, the Rhind mathematical papyrus puzzle and the Indus Valley puzzle. Stomachion, which requires players to form a square using the 14 different shapes, was credited to Archimedes. Tangram is also a similar type of puzzle but it consists of seven pieces.

Here are other brain games that are still popular to this day.

Chess was probably invented in India. It is played by two people, each one controlling 16 pieces. A player is defeated when one checkmates the other player’s king.

This is called the Japanese chess. It’s related to other variants of chess as well like the xiangqi and chaturanga. Two players have 20 pieces each. The winner checkmates the other player’s king.

Also called draughts, checkers probably originated in Mesopotamia. There are different versions of checkers throughout the world but the goal is still the same—capture all the pieces from the other player.

It is believed that this game is still played in its original form even after thousands of years. Two players take turns placing black or white stones on the board. One is defeated when the other player has covered more territory.

Backgammon was probably invented in Mesopotamia. Two players take turns moving pieces according to the roll of the dice. When all the pieces from the other player are removed, the remaining player wins.

Traditional dominoes have either 28 or 55 pieces of rectangular tiles called bones. The earliest form of the game may have come from China and is played by two to four people. There are different ways to play dominoes, but the simplest is to get rid of all your tiles first to win.

Also called Othello, reversi requires two players who are assigned to each of one of the two colors. They are given 32 disks each. The goal is to turn the most number of disks into your color.

This old game from India is played by up to four people in two pairs. The game was the inspiration for the ludo and parcheesi. The aim is to move the pieces out of the center of the cruciform board then back again.

This crossword game was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts. The goal is to score the most points by creating words using tiles that connect to other words placed by other players.

Charades is a guessing game invented in 18th century France. It requires one player in each team to act out a word or phrase like in a pantomime. The goal is for the group to get the correct word or phrase within a time limit.

How to Be Fashionable When Pregnant

Don’t worry about looking unfashionable when you’re pregnant. It’s a wonderful experience that you should enjoy. Besides, you can still look fabulous even with a baby bump.

Things to Consider
You can’t wear your regular clothes anymore so you will need to look for new clothes. They should be light and comfortable. Avoid tight-fitting clothes that will make it difficult for you to move. You don’t need to buy anything expensive because you’ll be wearing them for only a few months.

Office Clothes
If you choose to wear regular clothing, consider sizes that are slightly larger than what you’d normally wear. You can still wear your regular working clothes during the first several weeks. When you have fewer options, pick shirts with fewer buttons and slim-fit skirt and pants made of soft fabric and dark or neutral colors.

Pick Alternatives
You don’t have to look like a sack during your pregnancy by borrowing your husband’s shirts just because they fit. Dresses, deep v-neck or scoop-neck shirts, maternity jeans and leggings are your best alternatives. Avoid layering and if you’re worried about proportions and wear clothes with patterns and stripes.

The Right Bra
During pregnancy, it’s natural for the breasts to enlarge so you will need a bigger cup size. Your pregnancy bra should be different as well from the bra you will use for nursing later. Pick materials made of cotton for comfort.

High-heeled shoes don’t give your legs and back proper support. Low heels are ideal for the first few months. You should also look for the following: a hidden wedge heel, flexible outer sole, and special inner soles that massage your feet. Your feet might be a size larger too. Use flat heels and loafers late in your pregnancy to avoid back pain.

Types of Dresses
They’re comfortable and can be worn at any occasion. Take your pick among flowing skirts, empire waists, wrap dresses, shift dresses, and maxi dresses.

Long Shirts
If you’re worried about looking larger than usual, go for long shirts, maxi hems and extended layers. Patterns that give the illusion that your body proportion is longer vertically will also help. Don’t buy button-down blouses because they won’t fit when you’re tummy is bigger.

Classic Cardigan
Cardigans are easy put on. Pick those with fewer buttons and in neutral colors so they can be paired with any outfit. Don’t hesitate to go for bold colors and patterns however. You don’t need to buy new ones if you already have some in your closet.

When you choose to wear deep v-neck shirts, pair it up with a statement necklace. Accentuate your baby bump with a belt over a dress. Buy a belly band for that added lift and back support. They can also be worn with jeans.

Factors That Affect the Voice Quality of Your VoIP Phone Calls

The dawn of technological advancements at this period in time has brought nothing but convenience to a lot of people. Gone were the days we solely relied on our telephone lines to make a call. Now, as long as you have a stable connection to the internet, you can call your loved one from countries away through a cloud VoIP service without the excess costs of using a local telephone.

A lot of businesses in Singapore are also adapting this system to cater the communication needs of their company. For one, it is far more preferable considering it saves a lot of operating costs which can be allocated to other urgent matters. Second, it’s also considered an efficient system of communicating with personnel regularly, no matter where they are headed to, so long as they are connected to the internet.

The deployment of this kind of system in most businesses is growing. With that, the complexities associated to its implementation also grew over time. One of the biggest concerns involving a VoIP system or a hosted pabx is the poor voice quality of calls from time to time.

This can be disadvantageous in the business world, where proper communication plays a crucial role in administering appropriate solutions. Utmost call quality is what is expected by enterprises and major businesses — leaving a lot of business owners still hesitant over the idea of transitioning to a pbx phone system, which traditionally makes use of VoIP as a communication channel.

A number of culprits affect voice quality in cloud VoIP conversations, some of which include jitter, latency, weak internet connection, and lost packets. Although a lot of improvements have been made with regards to the matter, there are other factors that also degrade or affect the voice quality in your VoIP conversations will be mentioned further in this article.


Perhaps one of the leading factors behind a poor voice quality of your VoIP conversations boils down to your internet connection. The bandwidth you have allotted for VoIP is the key if you want your IP PBX telephone system calls to flow smoothly. A simple broadband connection for the service with www.crystalvoice.com.sg from Singapore will work just fine, so long as it’s not frequently spotty and shared with a lot of other applications since it can eat a large portion of your bandwidth. If you have an unstable connection, chances are you will encounter issues and problems over time. VoIP mainly depends on your bandwidth hence you can either turn it into an advantage or a drawback.

Equipment Quality

Ensuring a good quality of your VoIP calls is also partly based on what VoIP equipment you use. There are a number of cases in Singapore where the cheapest devices turn out to be poor quality equipment, but of course not all. However, it is important to gain generous information regarding routers and IP phones before investing on it. Research online reviews or discussions of its specs. You have to ensure the hardware exactly matches what your company needs.

There are also cases where businesses still suffer frequent problems even with the use of best, high-quality devices. Why? They are not using the appropriate hardware to suit their needs. Which is why you have to carefully consider your circumstances in order to find a device that is fit for the needs of the business.

Weather Conditions

Voice quality of VoIP calls or a hosted pabx can also be terribly distorted by a small, static electricity produced within broadband lines because of heavy rain, thunderstorms, and sudden electrical impulses. This is commonly known as the ‘static’, and while it isn’t as noticeable as we browse through sites or even download files, it can be disturbing when listened to voice. To get rid of static, cautiously unplug your device whether it’s a phone or a router, and plug it right back again shortly.

Network Latency

Latency is brought about by the required distance the packet needs to travel, which can also be affected by unstable network conditions. While a pbx phone system is convenient in a sense that you can talk to anyone across the globe, there is a delay in the transfer of a packet when it covers a lot more distance such as in cases of intercontinental calls. Each packet needs a corresponding number of router hops to reach the intended destination, and if it requires a higher number of hops chances are it’ll be more delayed.


Ever wondered why there are frequent echoes induced at various points in your VoIP conversation? That is because of the conversion of IP media to digital/analog and vice versa. It can happen as soon as the caller’s voice is picked up by the microphone. Echoes are generally hard to monitor in an IP PBX telephone system, let alone contain. However, there are some vendors who provide modules on hardware and software echo cancellation at the gateway level where the translation of data happens. This is one parameter which can be adjusted accordingly through specialized tools.

Whether you decide to adapt a VoIP system or stick with the traditional phone system for your communication needs, there will always be concerns to address every now and then. There will be unforeseeable factors which can be a setback even if you choose the best device or bandwidth plan in Singapore. Regardless, there is an improvement in the quality of VoIP calls lately that is has become a preferable option for businesses. While there may be instances of problems in voice quality, the chances of them occurring are relatively low.

Buying Lenses for your DSLR

When you’re planning to get new lenses for your camera, you have to consider other factors besides the cost and weight. The great thing about DSLRs is that you have an option to change the lenses to suit different needs.

Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing lenses.

Lens Mount

Before you get too excited to buy your first telephoto lens however, you need to remember that the lens mount should work with your camera. Some brands of lenses will not work with others. Research first which brands will work on your camera.

Lens Coverage

The lens coverage refer to the range of the focal length of the lens. The type of lens that you will need will depend on what kind of photos you’re planning to shoot. The focal length is seen on the label on the lens. It’s usually a range measured in millimeters (mm).


Check if the lens has options for manual and/or auto-focusing.

Depth of Field

The aperture is determined by the f-number. Those lenses with bigger apertures (meaning, they have a smaller f-number) can let in more light and therefore take photos with shallow depth of field. In a shallow depth of field, the background is blurred or out of focus.

Types of Lenses

The following are the types of lenses.

1. Standard Lenses

These lenses have a focal length of 30 to 70 mm. They are used for just about any event and subject.

2. Wide Angle Lenses

These lenses have shorter focal lengths. If you want to capture a wide area as much as possible, you can fit more in this lens. Wide angle lenses are ideal for landscape photos. They are also great for photos with a lot of people.

3. Portrait Lenses

These are also called medium telephoto lenses. As the name implies, they are used mostly for portraits because they frame the head and shoulders perfectly.

4. Telephoto Lenses

These have longer focal lengths and are great for capturing subjects at a distance. They can magnify small areas so you can focus on details more closely. They usually have a focal length of 130 to 300 mm.

5. Macro Lenses

When you want to take photos of subjects at very close range, you might want to get a macro lens. Sometimes extreme close-ups have problems with focusing and you end up with a photo you’re not satisfied with. Macro lenses magnify the subject. Macro is one type of specialist lenses.

6. Fisheye Lenses

They are almost similar to wide-angle lenses but are more powerful. They magnify the subject much closer especially the center of the subject while the background is greatly diminished. This is another type of specialist lenses.

7. Super Telephoto Lenses

Their focal length exceeds 300 mm. They are commonly used by wildlife and sports photographers and hobbyists.

8. Prime Lenses

This type of lens only has one focal length. Taking photos with this is a challenge because it’s not like the other zoom lenses.

Finding a New Hobby

Starting a new hobby might be just want you need to fill the extra time you have every weekend. Hobbies are also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety from work, school and other daily activities.

If you haven’t found the right hobby for you yet, here are tips to get you started.

Find and know your interests

You might have been planning to start an activity that you have been putting off for a very long time. If you have one in mind, then now is the right time to try it. Find something that fits you lifestyle and economic means.

Rekindle old interests

There might have been activities from your childhood that you have forgotten or stopped doing. Try them again to see if you still enjoy them. Old interests also bring back fond memories of the past.

Research about your hobby

Your hobby could range from collecting small items to doing outdoor sports. There are a lot of activities you can try if you haven’t found the right one yet. You might find an inspiration when you research about different hobbies.

Be willing to spend time and effort

Your hobbies should make you forget what you do at work or school. They are supposed to be activities that will take up your idle time. Put all your time and effort in pursuing what makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to invest in happiness.

Be willing to spend money

Some hobbies might need a lot of items and gadgets. Invest in your hobbies. There’s nothing wrong in spending money on quality items. After all, investing in hobbies is also investing for your relaxation and happiness. You can even pass on your hobbies to your kids.

You should try new things

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, research on hobbies that seem interesting. If you’re willing to spend time, money and effort, why not try something you haven’t done before? You might find something fulfilling in activities that you never thought you could do.

Find something different from your job

A hobby should be fun and relaxing. You don’t have to be stuck doing the same things everyday even when you’re supposed to relax. Hobbies should be a way to recharge and unwind.

Do something you actually enjoy

It would defeat the purpose of doing an activity for fun if it doesn’t make you happy. Don’t do something to show off. Do it because it makes you feel relaxed. Do it because you love it.

Set goals when you start a hobby

If you’re still a beginner, set a goal you want to achieve within a certain time. This will motivate you in learning. However, you don’t need to aspire to be the best in your hobby.

Meet other hobbyists

Meeting other people who share your interests will also help you grow. Not only will you meet new friends but you will also learn a lot of things. If you want to join competitions, having connections to different people will help.

The Fault in your Colors

5 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Choosing Paint Colors


Just like in fashion, some design rules are also meant to be broken. But then, there comes color. While the massive array of palettes allow for some room of interpretation for your house painting project, too many options also makes us bound to take an occasional wrong turn in the color wheel. But by knowing this set of paint color mistakes and the ways to correct them as well, you can definitely avoid getting into the sidetracks of the color wheel.

1. You tend to pick your paint color first. Most homeowners do this before they start their home painting project. What they don’t know is that doing this will eventually have them pinned right in the corner, as they start to hunt out the decors that will match their paint color.

To Correct It: People in the painting services industry in Singapore suggest that you get each of your rooms planned out first before picking the paint color that you want. You can take your color cues and inspiration from fabric designs and patterns, be it accent pillows or a simple chair with a print or pattern on it.

2. Picking colors that are too saturated or bright. Colors such as bright cobalt blue are pretty trendy nowadays. This color would work wonders with in a ceramic lamp or on silk pillows since it adds sheen and interest to it, but it would give you a different result when you set such hue as your paint color for your home painting project.

To Correct It: One trick that painters – or anyone who offers painting services – do to solve such mistakes is to suggest that you have your furnishings set in neutral hues if you’re planning on making your walls scream with bright colors. Decide on your focal point first before picking on the shade of color that you’ll be using. If your focal point is your wall color, then let everything else – basically your furnishings – support it and not fight with it.

3. Not looking at your home as a whole. Even if you’re living in a small apartment in Singapore, transitioning from one color to another can still be as tricky. As obvious as it may seem, things won’t flow well if you transitioned one of your rooms to bright pink from bright orange.

To Correct It: Instead of transitioning two loud colors with each other, try going with the softer hues that would perfectly complement your main wall color. Aside from transitioning between two colors, you could also use other things like some small furnishings to bring the extra spaces in your house together.

4. Losing sight of what your emotional goal really is. Most people choose their wall or room color for their house painting project based on what their favorite color is instead of the main purpose of the space. An example would be choosing red as for your room color but you want your space to appear calm and relaxing. This just shows that your choice of color and what the space is really intended for is quite disconnected.

To Correct It: Choosing your favorite color for your wall color is actually fine as long as it is connected with the kind of room that you want to have. If your main goal is to have a really serene room, then you might want to try checking out some cool colors like green and blue in your color wheel. If you’re looking for colors that give off an energetic and exciting feel, then go with warm colors such as oranges and yellows.

5. Ignoring the latest trends. Even if you’re not a really into following trends, it would still help to know about the latest fads nowadays when it comes to home painting colors. That’s why even if you’re into bright colored furnishings, but the ones that are trending these days are pastel and muted colors then might as well follow the current craze, right?

To Correct It: Bright colored walls and furnishings have become the trend for the last several years, so it’s time to think and go with something that’s different. Something that’s a little softer, fresher, or moodier. Try looking into the hues of black, lavender or those in metal and brass tones. Go with colors that actually works well and supports a sophisticated and rich masculine look.

With this mistakes already exposed and corrected – and with the painting services that you need – you can now paint your interiors the way those painters from Singapore painting services do.

4 Smart Ways to Use Your Credit Card This Holiday Season


As another holiday season approaches, many of us are now on the hunt for the best gifts to get our loved ones. This time of the year, it gets even harder to stick to our budget, and we often blame our credit cards for spending beyond our means. However, when used properly, your credit card can offer tremendous rewards to help you get the best deals—or even save big—during the gift-giving season.

  1. Check for Price Protection

It’s frustrating to buy an item at full price only to find out it went on sale three days later. Luckily, there’s a credit card feature called ‘Price Protection’ that takes care of this matter. With this perk, if the item is priced lower within 60 days after purchase, you will be reimbursed of the difference. However, not all credit cards have this feature, so make sure to check with your bank.

  1. Use the Right Rewards Card

Use a card that provides the best rewards according to the type of spending you do. For example, you’re booking for a holiday trip for the entire family, use a card that offers great rewards for travel purchases. But if you do a lot of entertaining, you’re better off with a credit card that provides rich rewards for supermarket purchases. Check with your bank if they have any special holiday promos, and take advantage of it.

  1. Try Online Shopping Portals

Many larger banks run their own online shopping portals, which are linked to major online retailers. These websites don’t only offer exclusive discounts, but they also offer additional cash back on top of those you would earn from simply using your credit card. If you’re going online shopping, you’re missing out on the best deals if you don’t check whether your bank’s portal is linked with the online retailer where you wish to shop. It might be just another step, but it can double or triple your savings.

  1. Get an Interest-Free Promo Financing

If you’re in the hunt for the right credit card and plan for an expensive holiday purchase, such as a new laptop or a PC, applying for a card that has 0% introductory interest will save you a lot. With 0% interest for your first 15 months of subscription, you can make bigger purchases for a much lower monthly payment. However, when making a major purchase, make sure you have good amount of credit limit, so it doesn’t appear like you’re maxing out your card, which can negatively affect your credit score.

Remember, holidays are more fun if you plan ahead of time and aren’t stressed out thinking about your finances. After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly, and you don’t want to start a new year with a maxed out card and a ridiculous debt to pay.