More than Just the Glass Slippers

5 Shoes That Every Woman Should Have

Women love shoes. From sophisticated pumps to pretty ballet flats, all types of shoes are just welcome in our closet. However, it’s easy for a lady to get distracted with all the sky-high heels and feather-fairing shoes, and ignore the basics that could complement a daily outfit.


So, to make sure that the foundation of your shoe closet is set right, here are five basic shoe types that should be present in your shoe wardrobe.

  1. Coloured Ballet Flats

It’s undeniable that a pair of black ballets is every woman’s classic go-to shoe, but a coloured pair also makes for a confident and fun fashion statement. Add a pop of colour on your outfit by opting for a pair set in berry hues with a touch of silver or metallic gold colour.

  1. Black Heels

Whether or not it’s a sky-high heel, this pair is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. A perfect match for almost any outfit that you can imagine, a good pair of black heels is a worthy piece of investment. You can go for the classic black heels—closed back and toe with 3-inch heels—or opt for a pair with thicker heels with either round or pointed toe.

  1. Nude Pumps


Creating an illusion of longer legs is made possible with nude pumps. Perfect for a semi-casual or even a night-out outfit, these shoes are just trans-seasonal. Pair them up with black leggings for a sleek and casual vibe, or wear them with bare legs for taller and sexier stand.

  1. Cork Wedges

With its comfortable, casual but chic look, cork wedges are known as the warm weather wardrobe hero. Opt for a style with higher heels or those with metallic materials on the straps to complete a fun summer outfit.

  1. Black Ankle Boots

Complete an edgy look, toughen a floaty dress, or finish off a boardroom ensemble by donning a pair of black ankle boots. With this pair, sporting chic heels while keeping your feet warm is never impossible.

Sticking to the basics is important not just in clothing pieces, but for shoes as well. So make sure that your shoe wardrobe has the right foundation by getting a pair (or two!) of each of the aforementioned shoe styles.


The Most ‘Liked’ Person on Facebook  


If we are liked by many, somehow things will be smooth and easy. To be liked, we do our best to please but unfortunately, we cannot please everyone especially here in Singapore. The best thing that we can do is to be true to ourselves and never mind about other people.


For sure Cristiano Ronaldo did not mind about other people but he is now the most ‘liked’ person on Facebook. His title does not end there because he is also the much-loved figure around the world. What makes him ‘likeable’?

Well, for his fans, his performance and passion for football set him apart. In fact, he is considered one of the best footballers – of all time. His fans think so because he recently won the Fifa Ballon d’Or for 2014. Ronaldo is with Real Madrid and the team’s ranking dropped after they were nearly removed from the Champions League.


Despite Real Madrid’s stint, Ronaldo remained to be the number one figure globally. Ronaldo surpassed one hundred million Facebook likes October of 2014. His position has grown since October – he has now more than one hundred seven thousand million fans. Ronaldo surpassed Shakira as Facebook’s most popular person.

Not surprisingly, Lionel Messi is the second most ‘liked’ person on Facebook. He is the second most popular footballer around the world with more than seventy eight million likes on Facebook. The third most ‘liked’ person on Facebook is David Beckham. Though Beckham is retired, his influence and presence is undeniable with more than fifty two million likes on Facebook. Beckham is followed by Neymar.


Internet Explorer Bids Adieu  


Internet Explorer (abbreviated IE) is a web browser developed by Microsoft which is part of Microsoft Windows line of operating system. It started on August 16, 1995. In its heyday, IE is one of the world’s most widely used browser way back 2002 and 2003. However, its market share declined because of the launching of Firefox in 2004 and Google Chrome in 2008.


Internet Explorer did not sustain its market share that is why Microsoft is hinting that the brand will go away soon. What are some details about IE’s going away? Here are some:

  • Microsoft‘s confirmation: Recently, Microsoft has announced and confirmed that they will use a fresh brand for their upcoming browser. There is no name yet but it is codenamed Project Spartan. This was confirmed by Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s Marketing Chief on March 16, 2015 at the Microsoft Convergence.


  • Will IE stay? The new name and brand of the browser will be included in the Windows 10 operating system. IE will still exist in selected versions of Windows 10. However, Project Spartan will be called separately and it will be the main way for users of Windows 10 to access the web.
  • What will be the new name? Web users are intrigued because Microsoft did not release the name. Instead, they only released the codename. This is because Microsoft is still testing names with the help of market research. There are no details when the name will be revealed.

The renaming and rebranding of IE is a clever step of Microsoft to make money in the future. The company is fortifying their position in the market with the help of social media. They also want to improve the brand perception so that people will love and welcome it.