The Checklist for Studying Abroad  


We have the best schools here in Singapore – there’s the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological Institute. If despite this we still want to study abroad to broaden our horizons, we are free to consider it. However, starting is not easy and we need to consider many things.


The first thing that we have to consider is the school and the major. Some prefer Australia (since it is near here) but others go to Europe. Actually, choosing the destination and the school is the easiest of them all. The next thing that we should do is make connections. If we do not know anyone there, we can consult agencies that can help us connect and decide.

Of course, consulting an agency entails money and we should be ready to provide it. There’s also an emotional task that we have to face – sometimes, things will not turn out the way we expect it to be. We might also consider scholarship if we do not have spare money. Studying abroad is very expensive and if we do not have enough money to make it happen, we have to think about scholarships.

Scholarships are not easy to apply. We still need to prove to the school that we deserve the spot and we are an excellent addition. After securing the application letters and sending CVs, we still need to wait. If we are lucky, we might get the spot. After getting the spot, what next?


It is time to comply all the requirements. Here are some requirements that we have to consider:

  • English proficiency exams: Some countries require English proficiency exams. There are specific institutions that require a minimum score in an English standardized test like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). IELTS exams can be tricky so we have to seriously study.
  • Medical certificate: We have to show the institution that we are in good shape by showing our medical certificates. This will serve as our guarantee that we will attend the whole duration of the program.
  • Visa: Requirements may vary depending on the country but some countries require a student visa. The visa is often the cause of the delay in the application and it costs amount.
  • Proof of financial capacity: There are some institutions that require proof of financial capacity. These institutions just want to make sure that we can pay them.

Sounds easy right? Actually it is not in reality but if we are really serious about this, we can make it happen.

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