The Fault in your Colors

5 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Choosing Paint Colors


Just like in fashion, some design rules are also meant to be broken. But then, there comes color. While the massive array of palettes allow for some room of interpretation for your house painting project, too many options also makes us bound to take an occasional wrong turn in the color wheel. But by knowing this set of paint color mistakes and the ways to correct them as well, you can definitely avoid getting into the sidetracks of the color wheel.

1. You tend to pick your paint color first. Most homeowners do this before they start their home painting project. What they don’t know is that doing this will eventually have them pinned right in the corner, as they start to hunt out the decors that will match their paint color.

To Correct It: People in the painting services industry in Singapore suggest that you get each of your rooms planned out first before picking the paint color that you want. You can take your color cues and inspiration from fabric designs and patterns, be it accent pillows or a simple chair with a print or pattern on it.

2. Picking colors that are too saturated or bright. Colors such as bright cobalt blue are pretty trendy nowadays. This color would work wonders with in a ceramic lamp or on silk pillows since it adds sheen and interest to it, but it would give you a different result when you set such hue as your paint color for your home painting project.

To Correct It: One trick that painters – or anyone who offers painting services – do to solve such mistakes is to suggest that you have your furnishings set in neutral hues if you’re planning on making your walls scream with bright colors. Decide on your focal point first before picking on the shade of color that you’ll be using. If your focal point is your wall color, then let everything else – basically your furnishings – support it and not fight with it.

3. Not looking at your home as a whole. Even if you’re living in a small apartment in Singapore, transitioning from one color to another can still be as tricky. As obvious as it may seem, things won’t flow well if you transitioned one of your rooms to bright pink from bright orange.

To Correct It: Instead of transitioning two loud colors with each other, try going with the softer hues that would perfectly complement your main wall color. Aside from transitioning between two colors, you could also use other things like some small furnishings to bring the extra spaces in your house together.

4. Losing sight of what your emotional goal really is. Most people choose their wall or room color for their house painting project based on what their favorite color is instead of the main purpose of the space. An example would be choosing red as for your room color but you want your space to appear calm and relaxing. This just shows that your choice of color and what the space is really intended for is quite disconnected.

To Correct It: Choosing your favorite color for your wall color is actually fine as long as it is connected with the kind of room that you want to have. If your main goal is to have a really serene room, then you might want to try checking out some cool colors like green and blue in your color wheel. If you’re looking for colors that give off an energetic and exciting feel, then go with warm colors such as oranges and yellows.

5. Ignoring the latest trends. Even if you’re not a really into following trends, it would still help to know about the latest fads nowadays when it comes to home painting colors. That’s why even if you’re into bright colored furnishings, but the ones that are trending these days are pastel and muted colors then might as well follow the current craze, right?

To Correct It: Bright colored walls and furnishings have become the trend for the last several years, so it’s time to think and go with something that’s different. Something that’s a little softer, fresher, or moodier. Try looking into the hues of black, lavender or those in metal and brass tones. Go with colors that actually works well and supports a sophisticated and rich masculine look.

With this mistakes already exposed and corrected – and with the painting services that you need – you can now paint your interiors the way those painters from Singapore painting services do.