Top Beach Destinations In The Philippines


Travelling to the Philippines can be so much fun. This is a country composed of islands so there are numerous pristine beaches and wonderful water forms we don’t always see in Singapore. A lot of foreigners come here for the sole purpose of hitting these famed beaches. Some go for typical beach vacations while others go for surfing and other water sports. Whatever your reason for coming, you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for.


In case you’re planning to visit the tropical island, this is a list of the top beach destinations in the Philippines you must go to:

El Nido

A lot of foreigners and locals alike love going to El Nido. This beach destination has grown to become world class by its own merit. Beach lovers would love the spellbinding beaches while rock climbers will love the dramatic limestone formations of the islands. You can also join some island hopping tours to visit other beach worthy islands.


This banana shaped island is home to several great beaches. You’ll find the Malapascua Island where divers can enjoy swimming with thresher sharks. If you go southward of the island at the town of Moalboal, you’ll have the opportunity to swim with giant schools of sardines just offshore. Who gets to do this every day?

Southern Negros

Southern Negros is where you’ll find white beaches but spend much lesser than you’d do on the other more popular Philippine beaches. Budget backpackers will find this a paradise as they can get very low accommodation, transportation, and overall costs. Escape to the Tambobo Bay, Siquijor Island, or Sipalay’s Sugar Beach to find these paradise treasures.


Boracay is the most popular beach in the country and still the favorite beach destination both for locals and foreigners. This has also become an all-time party beach. It offers countless water sports activities and nightly parties to keep your days and nights in the island well-occupied.



This may be the most difficult to reach to but the beautiful sceneries in Pagudpud beach make it worthwhile for everyone who wants to experience its waters and capture its beauty by their own eyes. This is also where you’ll find Blue Lagoon, one of the beaches with the whitest sand and bluest water.


This is considered as the surfers’ paradise and is the country’s top surfing spot. Those who don’t surf will still find a reason to go to Siargao because of its nearby uninhabited islets with sugary soft sand.