Every Piece of Clothing a Woman Needs

There are probably only a handful of women in the world who will say no to a cabinet full of clothes and shoes. But before you stock up that closet, here are essential pieces you will need for almost any occasion.

Black Blazer
You can wear this over a shirt or blouse or tie it up around your waist. It’s less bulky than jackets and will go well with any outfit. A simple black blazer can be paired up with any casual or business attire.

Black Dress
You’ve probably heard this a lot of times but yes, a black dress is perfect for those occasions when you don’t have time to pick an outfit before the event. They are so versatile they can be worn during corporate events and even while you’re just out window-shopping.

Black Trousers
If you don’t feel like wearing a skirt or a dress to a formal event, black trousers can make you look sleek and stylish and still give you the same comfort as blue jeans.

Brand Jeans
Whether you prefer washed or unwashed jeans, blue jeans never go out of fashion. They can be paired with any color and any type of shoes. Pick trusted brands that will last for a long time.

Button-Down Shirt
If you love to layer clothes, this item is a must-have. Pick shirts with patterns like dots, flowers or stripes.

Convertible Bra
You can wear this under any type of shirt or dress. You wouldn’t want your outfit ruined by flashing your boobs. Pick nude or black colors for versatility.

Nude Pumps
Flesh-colored pumps can be worn with any color of dress or skirt. They’re less distracting than red and more casual than black pumps. The color also makes your feet look clean.

Pencil Skirt
This brings out your beautiful figure and is perfect for formal wear. Pick neutral colors like white or black that can be paired with printed blouses.

Red Shoes
This is for those times when you want to stand out. Red is sexy and elegant at the same time. You’ll look fabulous if you pair up your red pumps with a white or black dress.

Not only do they look great on casual outfits but sneakers provide your feet with support and comfort you will never find in other types of shoes.

Striped Shirt
Striped shirts are less distracting than printed shirts. They’re also fashionable and can be paired with almost any type of skirt or trousers.

Black tights can be worn under dresses or skirts. They also show off your beautiful legs and are light, elastic and comfortable to wear.

White Shirt
Just a plain, simple white shirt will go a long way. You can wear it underneath a blazer. Sometimes printed shirts can be distracting, but a white shirt paired jeans will still make you look fashionable.